24 Blue Kitchen Tile Stickers Bathroom Tile Sticker for 6 inch Square Tiles from: TILE STYLE DECALS

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Brand: Tile Style Decals

Color: 24 X Blue Mosaic style tile transfers Kitchen bathroom waterproof tile stickers 6 inch backsplash uk


These wall tile vinyl stickers can be used in the shower, backsplash, around cooking hobs (120°C use temp. apply minimum 20cm away from the heat source), around fireplaces (not inside or close to the fire) and on coffee table tops (*NOTE stickers are NOT designed to be used on worktops, kitchen tops or floor tiles)


  • These kitchen tile vinyl Stickers will save you replacing old tiles - saving you tonnes of time, money and mess - product value directly from the manufacturer
  • 6x6 inches - 15x15cm Each sticker is thin and will completely cover a tile of the same size 
  • These are thin 2D flat printed vinyl stickers, NOT self-adhesive 3D gel tiles or Hard Tiles 
  • Tile stickers can be cut with regular household scissors
  • Durable mosaic wall tiles stickers are resistant to chemicals
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe them down with a nonabrasive cleaner (NOT suitable for floor tiles)
  • Waterproof, Oil-proof and resistant to heat (up to 120°C)
  • These mosaic tile stickers are ideal for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens and behind cookers (20cm from the heat source) and more
  • Stickers are made with a dedicated ink technology to significantly reduce colour fading (Beware of tiles stickers that may not resist fading) buy with confidence
  • Easy to trim around wall sockets, light switches and customised shapes


24 Midnight Blue - Printed in 2D Kitchen/Bathroom Tile Stickers for 150mm (TP3-6 inch) Square Tiles – Directly from: TILE STYLE DECALS, No Middleman (Full Pack of 24) B015OWF3R8