tile transfer stickers

Cleaning tile transfer stickers, kitchen tile stickers grey cannot be cleaned in the same way as normal tiles as they are different materials. As they are stickers they will get scratched if a stiff brush or abrasive cleaner is used, so these cannot be used to clean the tiles.

To clean kitchen tile stickers grey use a new sponge or a cloth with washing up liquid or soapy water. Gently rub the titles down ensure you don’t cause any scratches.

Tile transfer stickers are easy to clean however it is always advised that before placed on the wall you thoroughly clean the underneath as once applied you can’t peel off and clean it whenever you want.

Cleaning grout is much harder when the stickers are on so ensure these are thoroughly cleaned too before stickers are placed on.

Can I clean grout while tile transfer stickers are on stuck on tiles?

It is always recommended to clean the grout before sticking tile covers on existing tiles so that you can properly clean them without ruining the stickers. It is very likely that if you try to clean the grout whilst the stickers are on that the corners of the kitchen tile stickers grey will start to peel and it will start to look messy.

However, if the adhesive glue under the tile is strong then cleaning grout should not be a problem. It is still advised and is best that a very soft brush or sponge is used to clean the grout in this case as to not damage the tile transfer stickers