Tile Stickers

How can I cover tiles in a bathroom and kitchen? tile stickers tile covers?

There are numerous ways to cover tiles in a bathroom or kitchen but tile stickers tile covers work best. For some people, they may have moved into a property that has unattractive tiles, while for others, they may want to create a new look in their kitchen or bathroom. The great news is that tile stickers can solve all of these problems.

Tile covers 

Tile stickers enable you to redecorate, completely changing the appearance of unattractive tiles, making it fit in with your desired colour schemes and creating a new, fresh look in a cost-effective and easy way.

While there are many ways such as plastic boards and painting tiles that can change their appearance, adding a sticker on top is the easiest by far, meaning you can achieve your desired results without needing to make a mess and without needing any expertise. The best part is that tile stickers can create incredible looking results, completely changing the look of a room with a professional looking result, for a fraction of the price it would cost to hire a professional.

Tile stickers

All you need to do to cover tiles in a bathroom or kitchen is to clean the tiles and stick your chosen tile stickers over the top, cutting them to size if required and enjoying your work.

Can I clean grout while tile stickers tile covers are on?

It is not recommended that you clean the grout while you have tile transfers on, so you should do all cleaning possible before sticking them on. The main reason for this is that if you try to clean the grout, you will most likely have to wet and scrub it, which will loosen the tile stickers around the edges. If water or soap gets underneath the tile stickers, the edges and corners can begin to peel away from the tile, which can look unattractive and mean you have to replace the tile stickers.

You should clean tile grout before fixing the tile stickers or tile covers, so you don’t have to worry about it once they are stuck on. To do this, you can use sugar soap or mild dish soap as a more safe alternative, rubbing the grout to remove stains and discolouration.

However, if for any reason you absolutely have to clean your grout once the tile stickers are already applied, this should be ok providing the tile sticker adhesive is strong, so use a very soft brush or even a sponge to make sure there is a minimum amount of friction and try to clean only the grout, avoiding the tile stickers wherever possible. tile stickers tile covers