kitchen tile stickers

Kitchen tile stickers

Our self-adhesive vinyl mosaic kitchen tile stickers are an easy way to update your kitchen splash back. Why go to the bother with expense of changing tiles when you can achieve a wonderful new look with these Kitchen Tile Stickers. Choose the design and colour from the drop-down products below. All the tile stickers listed below are suitable for your kitchen project. 

These waterproof tile stickers will stick on any clean a flat surface such as ceramic tile, wood, glass, plastic, stone, MDF, metal and many more.. Get your Kitchen Tile Stickers now and start your project.


The short answer to this question is yes. Changing your wall tiles can often be a time consuming, difficult task so it can just be easier to put wallpaper on tiles instead of this. The good news is that it is actually very easy to put wallpaper on tiles and you also have the option to use kitchen tile stickers which are extremely easy to use and can drastically change the look in your rooms.

If you want to protect the old tiles below and not damage them, then it is probably a good idea to use an easy surface prep product. This will allow you to transform your smooth and shiny non-porous surfaces into ones that you can paint on and stick the wallpaper to. To use this product apply it will a brush and wait for it to dry. However, why make such a mess with wallpaper when you can just use waterproof tile stickers.

If you are putting wallpaper onto tiles that are in your bathroom then you need to ensure that it is waterproof, otherwise you could end up with ruined wallpaper. Kitchen tile stickers are waterproof and easy to use to stick onto tiles in places that often get damp or wet, which is why most people often opt to use these when revamping these areas.