Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Floor Tile Stickers

These are the best alternative for vinyl flooring tiles these floor tile stickers as a perfect solution FOR LOW FOOT-TRAFFIC DRY AREAS - These wall/ floor decals are perfect for SMOOTH, FLAT, NON-POROUS surfaces, only, such as glass, plastics, metals, plasterboard, floor panels, painted walls, ceramic tiles, wallpaper, stone, marble, smooth wood, and varnished wood. Don't apply these decals in textured walls, textured tiles, textured floors or any uneven surfaces.

REMOVABLE - tile decals can be removed without tearing into messy pieces (do note that if applied to painted surfaces, some paint may be lifted up - depending on the paint condition)

WATER-RESISTANT - Can be mopped and cleaned with soap and water. FLOOR USE, stickers are slip-resistant in dry conditions, there is a Chance of Slipping if Wet so use the stickers on floors with caution!  WALL USE, the stickers can be used in wet areas such as bathroom walls, shower walls, kitchen walls, and kitchen bathroom splashbacks.

EASY TO TRIM – With scissors - around wall sockets, light switches and customised shapes. Tile transfers will cover existing tiles without showing the tile underneath.