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Very warm welcome from Tile Style Decals team!

We understand that you are visiting our site in order to find a durable tile transfer that will enhance your décor beautifully, that is easy to fit and is excellent value for a low price. You need something that looks good and lasts for years without breaking the bank in other words.

Well, that’s exactly how we see things too. So, our company invested heavily in the latest machinery and technologies. We wanted to provide superior quality tile transfers that are super thin, oil-proof, waterproof, heat resistant up to 120C*, scratch resistant and resistant to chemicals such as ammonia and bleach. To make sure you get exactly that, we even employ extra staff for quality control.

The only thing left was to get the price right. While we would hope to have discerning customers that will buy because of the quality of our product, we are realistic enough to know that it has to be at a reasonable price. What we have done is to pitch the price low to encourage a greater volume of sales. We are happy to say we have managed to do that. Many people love our products, therefore enabling you to benefit from a low price while buying a quality product with plenty of choice. So now, all you have left to do is make your choice and order your tile decals from us here at Tile Style Decals.

Our growing team of individuals are passionate about delivering high quality products. Tile Style Decals is based in the United Kingdom so you can shop with confidence that every item in our store is made with care to high British and European standards.

We are a friendly bunch here and provide excellent customer support should it be needed. Tile Style Decals guarantee that you will not be let down by our customer service; we are here for you and will help you to resolve any tile decal related problem.

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