Victorian Tile Stickers For Kitchen and Bathroom 6x6/4x4 tile transfers 15x15cm 10x10cm Moroccan Spanish


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    Utility room

    Posted by Hazel on 26th Aug 2021

    Love these stickers. Look very realistic. Super easy to apply and easy to remove if you decide it’s not quite in the right place

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    Fab so bright and jolly

    Posted by Carol on 2nd Aug 2021

    Easy to put on tyles brightened up my dark kitchen no end

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    I bought these to make over my fireplace

    Posted by Lesley on 3rd Jan 2021

    I bought these to make over an original Edwardian fireplace (we dont actually use it as a fire as the chimneys blocked off) which I love but had really ugly tiles that didnt look right with our decor. I wasnt expecting great results and just wanted to try them out but they look amazing! I just stuck them over the old tiles so the original grouting still shows and you honestly cant tell theyre not real tiles. Easy to apply and can be trimmed to fit awkward spaces with scissors. Highly recommend!

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    Very pleased with them.

    Posted by valerie elfinmoon on 21st Dec 2020

    Really brightened up my kitchen. My friend thought I had replaced the tiles.

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Choose between:

-      24 individual stickers in size of 15x15cm (6x6")

-      24 individual stickers in size of 10x10cm (4x4")

-      1 individual sample sticker in size of 15x15cm (6x6")

Just peel and place your tile sticker over a clean tile, each sticker will completely cover a tile of the same size. 


Tile stickers will give your tiled areas an entirely new look at a fraction of what it would cost to replace your existing tiles.

* Realistic looking effect people will believe these are real tiles. 

* Can be cut with scissors - easy to trim around electric wall sockets, customised shapes and light switches

* These tile transfers can be used in the shower, backslash, kitchen, bathroom and around fireplaces and on coffee table tops

* Waterproof, Oil-proof and resistant to temperature up to 120°C apply minimum 20 cm from the heat source

* NOT suitable to be used on worktops, floor tiles or kitchen tops

* Resistant to chemicals

* Easy to clean

* Stickers are made with a dedicated ink to significantly reduce colour fading (Beware of tiles stickers that may not resist fading) buy with confidence

* NOTE: your stickers will give a good impression once stuck on tiles only, they do not look so attractive when arriving in an envelope so put them on your tiles and enjoy the look then.


You will receive fitting instructions and reasonably priced wall tile transfers that have a great appearance and are easy to fit. 1000s SOLD - The product has already been used, in homes, restaurants, pubs, hotels and care homes throughout the world.

Click on the Check Out button and pay with PayPal for extra piece of mind. 

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