wall tile transfers

Are wall tile transfers any good?

When not on the wall tile transfers can sometimes appear tacky and cheap, however when placed on the wall they look so realistic you wouldn’t know they aren’t the actual tiles. As they come in so many different patterns there is something for everyone and the options are endless.

It allows people who wouldn’t be able to afford expensive patterned wall tiles or ones made out of quarts or other expensive stone to be able to look like they have that. Wall tile transfers kitchen are very resilient and stay stuck down, so you don’t need to worry about the peeling off and looking rubbish.


Wall tile transfers

Tile stickers are extremely easy to clean, which is often a worry when people are deciding to buy them. They are also very easy to remove so if you want to change the design then that is easily done.

New range of wall tile transfers kitchen bathroom stairs 15x15 10x10 cm